Link Manager
a powerful web application to manage your links

Link manager

is web application created by Studio 9 so it can make webmaster life easier. You can handle all of your links without the need to open and edit files. Add, remove and edit links with few clicks”
Build URL Channels

Build URL Channels

Create channels, so you can manage your links on your sites easily. It will help you expand your link network quickly.
Manage URL Channels

Manage URL Channels

Add, remove or edit links whenever you like with two simple clicks.
Reciprocal URL activity

Reciprocal URL Activity

Check the Reciprocal URL activity. See if someone who have exchanged link with you, has removed you.
URL Market

URL Market

Enter the URL market, a place where you can find related sites to you, and exchange links with them in a simple way.
Link Behaviour

Link Behavior

Control the behavior of links (change the priority and the URL target). Add your own code to the links like: id="123" or onClick="hello();"
BackUp your links

BackUp your Links

Save your channel links as unordered list (<ul>).
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